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Multicore Electricals has diverse experience and technical knowledge in all kinds of electrical projects and electrical site jobs all over India. It has been in this industry for past 30 years, which makes it the most experienced and trusted brand.

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More about us

Multicore Electricals started as a small business in 1989, It has since designed and built many of the most electrical projects in India.

Our projects feature essential electrical and major communications related systems and industries. Many local residences also benefit from our services. For us no project is too big or too small. Our team of estimators and project managers has worked together for more years than we can count. We know the territory. More importantly, our clients know us and trust the integrity we bring to every project.

To be the leader in providing comprehensive solutions to help our customers take advantage of their opportunities. We strive to be the best by offering standard of workmanship and knowledge, safe working procedures, practices and policies and the installation of quality apparatus. Our never-ending goal is to create outstanding solutions for our clients and build long-lasting relationships by taking on a partnership role and providing quality work, knowledge of the industry, and the best possible customer service on an ongoing basis.